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Social news you can use

Posted on August 30th, 2012 by

The tech and social media news cycle refreshes itself more quick.ly than your Twitter feed. We’ve taken the time to weed through the noise and bring you summaries of recent stories that are not only interesting, but will help you understand this social world we’re all living in a little bit better.

In the judicial realm

Photo by Manu_H via Flickr

In a ruling that only makes perfect sense, Gigaom reports federal courts have established rules for jurors that ban them from sharing info regarding cases through several online outlets, including blogs and various social networks (MySpace even got a mention!).

Last week, revamped “model jury instructions” were issued, according to Gigaom, and now judges will be required to address each new jury of things like:

You may not communicate with anyone about the case on your cell phone, through e-mail, Blackberry, iPhone, text messaging, or on Twitter, through any blog or website, including Facebook, Google+, My Space, LinkedIn, or YouTube.

Interested in more? Here’s a link to the complete jury instructions.


In other judicial news, the State of California approved Facebook’s acquisition of popular mobile photo sharing app Instagram. Save the official closing, this is all but a done deal having already received approval from the Federal Trade Commission and the California Department of Corporations.

However, Facebook’s much-publicized purchase of Instagram for roughly $1 billion last April has been revalued at about $735 million, thanks to Facebook’s underperforming stock price.

In the political realm

Mashable reported that on Tuesday night, Ann Romney, amidst her speech at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, was the most-searched and most-tweeted speaker of the night, with the #gop2012 hastag peaking at more than 6,000 tweets per minute when she took took the stage. We may have separation of Church and State, but there seems to be an increasing courtship between old man State and the young and flirtatious Twitter.



Is your Twitter account verified?

Our guess is, well, probably not. Such an honor is reserved for the Twitter tastemakers, like celebrities, athletes and other influential folks. One such influential folk is Mashable editor LanceUlanoff, who writes about his recent verified status in a new article.

In short, Ulanoff writes how being verified validates his Twitter obsession and even (naturally) boosts his ego a bit. The most interesting aspect of Ulanoff’s story is how the entire process went down, with Twitter sending him a message that he at first thinks is spam, followed by a couple of “very easy hoops” Twitter makes him jump through to be fully verified.

Facebook adds new targeting options for pages with 5000+ ‘likes’

Much like we assume your Twitter account is not verified, we assume any Facebook pages you manage have way less than 5,000 likes. If, however, we are wrong, well, you’re in luck as Facebook is about to add new targeting options for your pages with 5k+ “likes.”

InsideFacebook.com reports that the change, likely available this week, gives page managers “more control over the messages they share to different subsets of their audience.” In other words, you’ll be able to easily target groups of fans based on gender, age, educational status, relationship status, location and language. These powerful tools make mastering Facebook all the more essential.

Is there anything you’d like to share for future installments of Social news you can use? Email tips, news, rambles, etc., to [email protected].

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